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モノづくりの楽しさを 陶芸家 川路庸山 | 陶磁器専門工房 庸山窯 Potter Kawaji Yohzan-Gama Miyazaki,Japan

霧島連山の麓にある南九州で唯一の 陶磁器専門工房 「 庸山窯 」。

川路庸山 氏は素晴らしい作品を生み出す 陶芸 家です。

伝統的で精巧に作る事に加え「くずし」を取り入れ 伸びやかに制作し土の楽しさを探求しています。


Here is the only ceramic pottery workshop in South Kyusu area, at the foot of Kirishima mountain range (Miyazaki prefecture), The name of the workshop is "Yozan-gama(Yozan is the name of the producer, and 'gama' or 'kama' in Japanese(窯) means a kiln" He originally learned and followed the traditional method to create his works but he has incorporated some other new styles to break the boundaries of such tradition and pursue what he wants to embody, enjoying creating things with his clay. He is trying to tell us the pleasure to create something by ourselves, which we adults tend to forget.

陶磁器工房 庸山窯

施設名 庸山窯(ようざんがま)

住所 〒886-0004 宮崎県小林市細野5740-478

電話番号 0984-25-0144

営業時間 10:00~18:00 定休日 不定休


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